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Taylor Hutchens

Front Desk and Creative Marketing

A Leo. One of the loudest people to set foot in the gym, but her bubbly personality will always keep you smiling.


~Bio written by Rhiana Welch


Dillon Machen

Routesetter, Coach

Dubbed our "best climber with the biggest ego."  From his startup hold business to consistently losing the golf cart keys (aw nuts :/ ), there's never a dull moment with Dillon.

~Bio written by Chloe Ledford

Possibly in May! Be ready climbers! #rockclimbing #🌎

Clay Pilgrim

Routesetter, Front Desk


~Bio written by Luke Kilgro

Possibly in May! Be ready climbers! #rockclimbing #🌎

Benji Starzl

Front Desk


~Bio written by Teryn Schwind


Teryn Schwind

Head Routesetter

From baking to painting to stealing your project - a true renaissance woman.  Guiness world record for smelliest climbing shoes.

~Bio written by Joey Hudson


Josh Reyes

Ambassador, Routesetter, Coach

He has probably climbed longer than you've been alive.  Beta?  Who needs it, when you're fueled by his wife's chicken salad.  All around good guy, even better climber.

~Bio written by Eric Johnson


Jay Watson

Ambassador, Routesetter, Coach

Jay Watson is a world class competitor, one of many locals who helped Horse Pens 40 get started in bouldering and is obviously one of the best boulderers in the world.  

~Bio written by Mike Shultz circa 2008


Madelon Machen

Front Desk Associate

A silent crusher!  You will not catch her bragging about her latest send.  Loves all things fluffy and owns more stuffed animals than she should.  

~Bio written by Carrie Machen

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 12.41.23 PM.jpeg

Olivia Reynolds

Front Desk Associate

You know she is working if you hear Taylor Swift playing over the speaker. One of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and her funny stories will keep you laughing,

~Bio written by Taylor

Possibly in May! Be ready climbers! #rockclimbing #🌎

Anya Daguman

Front Desk Associate


~Bio written by Olivia Reynolds


Nathan Starzl

Front Desk Associate

Tall.  Curly hair.  Soccer 

~Bio written by Eric Johnson


Eric Johnson

Retail Sales Manager, Instructor, Comedian

He is slightly obsessed with his FJ, monthly tattoos, and beating people in Words with Friends.  What his hair looks like is a mystery because you will always find him in a hat.

~Bio written by Maggie Grizzard

Possibly in May! Be ready climbers! #rockclimbing #🌎

Luke Kilgro

Front Desk


~Bio written by Reid Tumlin


Kate Wilson

Owner, Group Fitness Instructor, Financial Director

Devoted wife and mom of 2, Co-owner of GadRock.  You will often find her coaching a fitness class or running like a gazelle around Gadsden training for her next race like the energizer bunny sporting a huge smile on her face.

~Bio written by Valerie Ulrich


Carrie Machen

Owner, SUP Guide, Coach, Director of all things awesome

Professional life juggler, dream pursuer, knee abuser and beer connoisseur with a contagious laugh!  She opened a climbing gym to support her Mexican food addiction with the side benefit of changing the community.  Tacos for life!

~Bio written by Josh Reyes

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