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We have T shirts!

What does every awesome business have? T shirts of course! Who cares if we are selling these great tri blend shirts out of the trunk of our cars! For real, our first sale was out of the trunk, and we will continue to do that until our new facility is up and going.

All of the hard work we have put in thus far pales in comparison to the fact that we have T shirts! This T shirt announcement has been the culmination of many long, tiring hours of planning and design. So without further ado, below is our very first logo T shirt...

But wait there's more!

We have stickers...

and koozies...

We hope you like them. If you want one, try catching us around Gadrock and we will sell you one out of the trunk. Oh wait...did we mention we have a webstore? So, you can purchase these items online! Yea, we are pretty awesome like that. Gotta have the two ways to purchase thing going on. Just look for and click the shop button at the top of our page or flag us down on the road. Thanks y'all!

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