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Why microgym?

You may not have heard the term "microgym" in reference to indoor climbing gyms, and that would be because we made it up. In fact, we thought up the idea over a few microbrews one night, and it has stuck ever since. Our owners met while working at a microbrewery and the term "microgym" fits who they are and what their vision for GadRock is. Microbrewery is a fitting term for the innovative pioneers in craft beer, and GadRock microgym plans to blaze those same sort of trails. Being the biggest does not make you the best just as throwing more money at a problem doesn't necessarily make it work. In everything we do, we will strive for excellence and innovation. We want to be the best at what we do. And if that means being "micro" we are ok with that. GadRock will create the best indoor climbing experience we can for our local community.

GadRock is going to have a very small footprint. In fact, the planned square footage is only 6000 sf, and that is including a second level. The exciting thing is that within those four walls will be a well organized space with a lot of climbing. The initial plans will have over 4500 sf of climbing. The future plan is to have as much climbable square footage as walkable square footage. Not only will there be lots of climbing, but there are three multi-purpose rooms for birthday and corporate parties as well as cross training activities like yoga. We may be a microgym, but we have a lot going on. We really love our footprint, and think it is a repeatable plan that fits into a small, local community vibe.

So, raise a glass to climbing and the community that surrounds it. We have a good thing going. If you ever want to talk something other than climbing, your favorite craft beers will always get our people waxing poetic. Beers on the pier anyone? Share with us your favorite craft beers in the comments and drink responsibly...drink local. CHEERS!

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