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Train Here, Explore There

In life it is important to have your home, your place, your people, your tribe; That place or group you know you can always come back to and feel like you belong. For us, Gadsden, Al and the people that live in and around here are just that, and GadRock microgym is our extension of that hospitality and inclusiveness that we encounter everyday. We know you work hard, so our mission is to keep fitness and training fun. We want to be your climbing/training home.

Our mission is much more than that though, and we want to further that mission by encouraging an adventurous spirit of exploration. In order to feel grounded and connected, you have to explore and get out of your comfort zone. If you are new to climbing, explore the sport with us. Take your training at GadRock and use it to explore your local community and beyond. Get out in nature! Exploration is how we connect ourselves to the world and anchor ourselves to home.

Life is a grand adventure! Opportunities to connect and explore are waiting for YOU. We want to know where you have been and where you are going. Tag us in your adventures on instagram: @gadrock. Train here, explore there!

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