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First Time Climbing In Chatt

With Horse Pens 40 just up the road, I've never seen it as "worth it" to drive two hours to climb for a day, and turn around to come back. However, being not only my first time climbing in the Noog, but also outside of Alabama in general, it was a complete game changer for my climbing journey. When we arrived, I failed to have learned that Stone Fort is nested right on the edge of a golf course... which is pretty interesting in itself, and after a little warming up, we decided to go hit some of the classics. In about eight hours of hard, gritty climbing, I ended up leaving Little Rock City with one tough send, and a lot of problems to come back to. I always thought that it would be a waste of time to travel so far, to halfway send, and then have to return for unfinished business. Oh how wrong I was. I may have left with an empty score card, but I'll be coming back with a chip on my shoulder. I made a lot of new friends on this trip. Some from halfway across the country, and some from halfway across the world. I hope to see you guys again soon. I'm saving up to buy a travel van to journey across the country, crush boulders, and meet new friends. Stay tuned. Oh! And if you're hungry after a sesh in Chatt, be sure to check out Ricko's Pizzeria in Soddy-Daisy. Buy one get one pizza, totally worth it.

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