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Hard Work FINALLY Pays Off

A few years ago, opening a climbing gym in Gadsden, AL was only a dream. Lots of ideas were tossed around until FINALLY the right time and team came together to take the concept from dream to reality. Our first step was to find the right location for our TALL demands. By tall, I mean, it was extremely difficult to find an existing building willing to house at least 30' tall walls. We looked and looked. When a really cool building in downtown Gadsden fell through because of the extreme high cost to get it to code, we decided to go on an urban walkabout. We walked all over downtown, and even knocked on doors and explored any building we thought would be tall enough. After many disappointments, we FINALLY resigned ourselves to wait for the right spot. While discussing options for moving forward, we decided it might be best to build. At that point we knew we wanted to take advantage of one of Gadsden's most beautiful natural resources and locate on the surrounding water. A new hunt began, and we FINALLY found a beautiful property located on Lake Gadsden. Climbing with beautiful views was a prospect we did not want to pass us by. Besides our location there was much more work to be finished, and many long nights and weekend business meetings have gotten us to where we are now. Basically, we can FINALLY share our vision with you, our community. Our plan for the next step is to break ground and start construction on our over 6000 square foot facility with over 4000 square feet of climbing. Some of our walls will be up to 38' tall. We will have three multi-purpose rooms which we will use for birthday and corporate parties as well as many cross training opportunities. We will offer day use passes as well as monthly memberships. Our vision is even bigger than this, and we cannot wait until we can FINALLY take many more of our ideas from concept to reality. You can follow our progress here in our blog and on instagram and facebook. This has been a long process, but we are a few FINALLYs down, with a lifetime of FINALLYs to go. Hard work pays off...FINALLY!

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